Multimedia fountain show

The only 4D multimedia fountain show in the Baltic region, which using the warer fountains, music, light, video projections and lasers creates the performance that will be the brightest event of your holidays.

We offer to create multimedia fountain shows using the tanks with both natural water, like from the rivers and lakes and the water created by us in the indoor and outdoor pools.


Natural water in the tanks (river, lake, pond water) submersible fountain constructions can stretch up to 60m in length.

The package includes water pumps with different nozzles, high-power LED projectors, fan-type water screen 30x18m, a spectacular video projector for 90kw video and laser projections, laser equipment and addittional light effects. The height of the water jets varies from 0,5 to 25m. The show requires a water tank, electrical connection 120kw.

Each fountain show is custom designed according to the customer’s individual order. Multimedia fountain shows can also be created in our custom-designed swimming pool of 4-20 meters (both indoors and outdoors).

A standard fountain show consists of a 15x4m swimming pool with 15x3m water collection wings. The package includes 40 water pumps with different nozzles, more than 30 high-power LED projectors, acoustic system and video projector. The height of the water jets varies from 0,5 to 25m. Above the swimming pool a 10m high water screen construction is installed on which your photos, video or graphics are projected. The show requires a flat area or a platform of 20x8m, electricity connection of 40kw and 15 cubic meters of water for filling the swimming pool.


Contact us to get to know more details about the technical support and discuss your creative ideas – we will always adjust and are ready to find the solution for the ideas which may initially seem irrealistic.

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