Adamson System Engineering was founded in 1983 in Ontario — Canada, which in recent years has developed from a small company to a world leader in innovative products in the professional audio and installation market.
Today, Adamson products are worldwide. Adamson products are designed with most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies currently available on the market to meet the highest standards of professional audio industry control.
Adamson aims to create products with a high degree of reliability thanks to the best materials available on the market. Adamson uses Kevlar material for loudspeaker production, it’s more durable and more accurate than other types of speakers. Since its foundation, CEO Brok Adamson has developed a sound reproduction technique that will maintain the integrity of the original wave front even at a very high level, while retaining the nuances of delicate symmetry, coherence and brightness. Understanding — nuances that are often lost during playback.

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